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Free Apps

Free Apps

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Three Free Applets   

You can get the two (2) free Account Apps and one (1) free PayRoll App by clicking on file "expand-3App.exe" in table below.  To download any file from this website, you must Log In as "Registered User" at lnkiconUser LogIn-Out.
Once you become a Registered User, hovering above the table below will show the download option

All Apps run from "RunTime Office Access", so your PC must have Microsoft Access. If your PC don't have it, you can download "Expand-Off03.exe". from the link shown in the txt file in table below.  Once downloaded from the cloud, expand it and install it.  Alternatively you can contact Developer or download it from this link lnkiconhttps://getintopc.com/?s=office+2003

The best version to use is 2003 or 2002.  No higher than version 2007 be used as the higher versions are too bulky.  If your PC has any higher version, try to uninstall it.

File name Size Last changed
expand-3App.exe 26.6 MB20/10/2020 00:42:56
expand-Off3.exe 321 MB25/08/2020 00:10:04
StudentData.xls 14.5 KB20/10/2020 04:10:46

All three App are full featured running for the past 20 years in companies of various industries / businesses. They are constantly updated to comply with the latest legislations.  Thus it have both 2016 GST and 2018 onwards SST

They are designed for day-to-day management along internal control lines rather than just for audit or tax computation. 

The main Accounting App is complete to do any accounting work.  However we also provide an Add On "Ac+" that will enhance your work process in the office.  Objective

Read the details in the Help when you download the App.

Click on the "Ac Get Started" button to learn how to use.  Meanwhile here is a summary of its key features.   

  • Chart of Accounts is along Marginal Costing concept for Costs Control
  • Extensive Help (F1) stating relevant Legislation & deadline to avoid Fines
  • Its dummy proof data entry enable no accounting background clerks to pick up fast
  • Great for training of staff without any experience
  • Structured to allow correct Filing of documents eg 7 years Tax Audit



  • Aims to fully support Internal & Credit Control to avoid Legislative Deadline & Fraud.
  • Establish Organisation Accountability working with Manage by Objective & Department / Project tags
  • Automated reporting is the focus and is fully expandable for higher productivity. 
  • Trending Reports, by months or years, great for tax planning and business planning
  • Database paperless query is the key setting aside paper / file search



The 3rd Free App, Payroll is a must for any office big or small lnkiconGet to know our PayRoll App.

Ultimately it keeps a complete record of monthly / yearly salaries of your staff to meet all legislative requirements.

For easy work, it provides for all auto deductions such as EFP, SOCSO, PCB, Insurance.

EPF changes due to Covid or otherwise or other statutory changes is always kept up to date. 

A special feature:  it provides a very useful monthly journal to help enter payroll accounting as summarized entries to "Control Accounts" without cluttering.


Using downloaded "expand-???.exe"


Follow the image to run the downloaded "expand-3App.exe" & "expand-Off03.exe"

Running the "expand-???" will create a "temp" sub folder within it.  Next click into the "temp" folder to run "App_Updater"

If OS (especially Win 10) disallow running of the expand??.exe, right click it to expose its Properties to check if it is blocked at downloading. If so UNBLOCK it.

“Expand-3App.exe” will create all objects and desktop links 3icon to the 3 Apps 1) Account 2) Account ++ & 3) Pay

“Expand-Off03.exe” will put contents to folder C:\Off that contain “Setup” to install msAccess 03.

The image shows what happens when you run the "setup.exe" in the C:\Off" folder.  Here you select only the 'Microsoft Access" application; leave the others so that your existing Office Applications can still run.  If there is an existing MsAccess Application especially 64bit version in your PC try to uninstall it.



Who should use these Accounting Apps?

  • Accounting Firms (multi Companies, multi-users, secured network)
  • Any industries with complicated operation such as i) Developers with many projects or ii) Contractors with many jobs
  • Self employed persons doing part time accounts for small companies
  • Students who want to learn or improve Account knowledge; get Accredited for career advancement.



Buying Off.M.Shelf Accounting package: Facts

  • Your purchase is handled by Selling Agent & Installer with limited knowledge.  Getting free Apps here, any core changes you request is handled by Developer directly.
  • User of Accounting App has a difficult learning curve, hence user must have in-depth  accounting & management ability. Developer is a practising Chartered Accountant.
  • Using our App, your only Accounts Clerk get a standby guru to help out.

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15 August 2020



Bosses' Worries

  • Cash Flow, AP/AR Aging, CBT
  • SST/GST Accounting & Returns
  • Salary/Daily Workers Accounts
  • Tax Estimation CP204/500
  • Operation/Project: Gross Profit%
  • Staffing / HR Turnover Problems
  • Legal Deadline, Comply & Fines
  • Government Audit (Tax/GST/SST)
  • Operation Control (HR/Reports)
  • Future of your Business . SWOT

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