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Transcendental Meditation  超脱静坐

Transcendental Meditation 超脱静坐

Hit#  1934

Be Magnanimous to Accept All Things

Humility Brings Good

Calmness Encourage Discussion

Go Deep to Make Conclusions

Be Stable to Face Changes

平 心 静 气  Let your Heart heartboom& Breathing be Calm & Peaceful  气 和 

My Core Values
drives this unique meditation to success






Kind & Caring


3rdeye     Illuminating Insight 40+ years meditation 超脱静坐     七情 喜怒忧思悲恐惊

  1. Insight 2Life
  2. Self Proven Benefits of Meditation & Qi
  3. 真 Meaning of Life

As the saying 修身, 齐家 goes, we have to discipline oneself to enjoy a meaningful time on this planet; thus a healthy life is essential to support it.  For over 40 years I, as developer in Peace2u, have been mediating following the Dao way (foundation of Tai Chi kongfu) to have a good life that is embodied with Spiritual & Life Enlightment - the true Meaning of life.

Recently I have found a 2 steps fast way to develop Qi 元气 & get into Nirvana 极乐世界,  thus I want to share it with you. (May 2020 Covid 19 India peak)  My astonishing discovery starts with

  1. Rapid Breathing 50 In-Out (induce more oxygen infusion in the lung that in turn increase cerebral blood flow during meditation, the former enhance brain functions eg cognition)
  2. Hold 1+ minute breath (induce hypoxia: key to efficient epigenome functions which in turn prevent shortening of telomere and maintain stem cells efficiency)
    The Hold is related to Body Breathing as in the feotus breathing without using the lungs.

Wow! it really work as you can see Reverse Aging benefits (返老还童) from Fast creation of Qi .. it also increase blood oxygen to fight Covid-19.

Benefit of mind sync Log-in to abundant Qi  元气   (All true personal experience)

  1. Reverse Aging of cells as magnifested by shortening of telomere, is done by allowing cells to rejuvenate & heal to function effectively 返老还童.
  2. You will become very alert or 精神 full of mental energy with clarity of thoughts throughout the day (no more brain fog); a path away from Alzheimer's disease.  A recent study shows mindfulness meditation create major increase in density of grey matter in the hippocamus (above the ears) that is involved with long term storage of memory.
  3. Your face will be youthful with less wrinkles & less old person aging mark  容光满脸
  4. After a year of extra 3 times hypoxia training of Step I you will see your grey hair becoming black plus more new hair growth. 
  5. Your body will feel light with a sturdy body able to engage in one leg standing exercise
  6. You will have inner peace to stay positive, a result of stress relief.  Another recent study shows meditation reduce eye pressure glaucoma by 25% probably related to stress relief.BvsT
  7. Your internal organs will undergo movement exercise keeping them in good order. specially build a strong lung.  
  8. Your endocrine system, nourish by flowing Qi, will function optimally 
  9. With a yin-yang balanced immunity system, you will be healthy eg prevent cancer. 
  10. Meditation has shown to increase CD-4 or T-cells that send signal to killer cells to destroy infections.
    Click ► Learn How body immunity system work 
  11. Reduce hypertension & degenerative disease such as diabetes
  12. In meditation we avoid the Beta brain wave is the dominant wave when we go about our daily stressful life.  Listening to music we go into a even Alpha wave.  When we meditate we reach highest freqency the gamma wave.  This ultimate wave is associated with feeling of kindness & empathy.  waves
  13. It is also a good pass time for insomnia elders who are deprived of sleep.
  14. For the gentlemen who ask, can your morning cockcrow will come back.


 What is the meaning of life?  You will learn life's meaning during Meditation.

As life is given to us, we MUST make full use of life, benefit from it & not waste it; here are the steps.


  1. First step to appreciate life is to know you Exist ie be mindful of your existence 活着一口气.  Begin with being mindful of every beat of our heart and breath.  You can practice to be mindful by feeling and following each breath in & out while being calm in mindful meditation with right mindset eg 修身 天时地利人
  2. Next be mindful of the feeling inside you.  Do you feel joy and happiness with yourself when you sit calmly & look inward.  Let this feeling drive your everyday life to have a meaningful passage filled with fulfilment.  With this core value you will see & enjoy positively the beauty of everything & every event around you.
  3. Also mediate on good values such as caring 善, humility 虚 & be thankful 感恩; reflect on your life experience to match these values.  These values will drive your everyday life to greater heights of meaning.
  4. You will also encounter both positive and negative feelings as you go through life 喜怒忧思悲恐惊.  Make use of your built up calmness to resolve the negatives.  Always look for positives and avoid meaningless worries.
  5. Avoid punitive thoughts & rules or teaching  Believe you are born free without sin. You don't have to punish yourself to be "saved"; just like water follow the flow of things & be happy 天时地利人和.
  6. As you progress to be fully mindful of your physical and emotional being, you can transcend from mindfulness to voidness (2nd meditation step herein).  In this transciendental state you can sense you are a part of the ever expanding & revolving universe as you go about your very gentle shallow breathing.  During transcendental state, feel you are together with good people and spirit.   跟好凡人和仙人同在
  7. Make use of your developed Chi from meditation that constantly flow through your body's meridian channel to stay healthy. Foundation for a meaningful life comes from being healthy.  Longitivity is 80% about your life style governed by peaceful & calm mind engaging in an active life.
  8. With a healthy body and sound mind you will have plenty to do and occupy your life.  This include learning about history of human behaviour and follow all world events plus engage in new things eg mobile phone.  You will thus live & learn endlessly 活到老学到老
  9. With all these, you will have a fruitful life with people around you 修身,齐家,治国,平天下
  10. As to subject of after-life as the purpose of life, one has to start with living now correctly, meaningfully and fully to be able to develop for thereafter.  Meditation will open the path most suited for you, don't be forced into any particular teaching.

Insideom    Manifestation  @Nirvana : 入定 / 极乐世界 四大皆空  bigbangcut

  1. Nirvana 极乐世界
  2. Nature of Body Breathing
  3. Health Tip

State of Nirvana 极乐世界 = Work Out 练功

  • By proper use of Hypoxia in Step 1 (Holding Breath phase), presence of Qi will be evident in your body through practise    With presence of Qi you can log-in your mind to the flow from the generated Body Breathing Wave (as against the normal Lung Breathing).
  • Ultimately stay in the transcendent state, Buddhism called Nirvana 极乐世界:  you focus on FEELING your body breathing that comes with a sensation of peacefull floating, revolving & expanding in unison with the universe.
  • The more your mind is void & relax 平心静身静气, the deeper you get into your Nirvana, your induced lung Breathing in this state is relax, shallow & unconcious.  Feel & follow peacefully the Body Breathing Flow   (Ignore the Lung Breathing urge if any)
  • What will be the ultimate outcome in Nirvana?  Some believe the soul will be able to travel outside, this is the mystical part of the transcendent state.  The real physical happening is you feel your breathing becomes stronger; its depth & frequency is controlled unconsciously

Nature of Body Breathing

  • It is movement of Qi from top head to feet with internal body sensation such warm ball or pulsation with particular tension in the head around your ears & forehead (3rd eye)
  • Body Breathing is linked to the Diaphragm movement breathing.  Thus there is a sensation of the head being linked up to the lower torso whenever your body breathe.
  • As the Qi is a continous loop throughout the whole torso up to the head, when moving the Qi by WILL you can feel tension all along its path from head to toes.
  • The continous connected Qi loop is most evident during Breathe Holding / Hypoxia.
  • Look inside, feel the body; do deep relaxation (similar to slow exhaling) to open up the meridians to relieve tension.
  • Unlike Lung Breathing which is either controlled by the Auto system of the Brain or a concious function of the brain, its control is by the nervous system of the body which takes effect when one is very queit and calm.
  • Switching to Body Breathing from lung breathing you can hold your breath longer. This is more evident if you can keep the lung breathing urge aside.
  • Body breathing will automatically induce air flow in and out of your lungs with no concious control.

Health Tip:  Use your mind to focus your Qi in your Body Breathing.  Do direct Qi to move gently throughout the body particularly to the spot where you want your system to heal.

Meditate into Nirvana 极乐世界:   2 Steps I & II  (Fast & Sure)  六欲: 眼耳鼻舌身意

  1. Step I
  2. Step II

I:   Rapid 50 x (Breathe In1+ sec Outblow)     + 1+ min Hold   +  full Diaphragm Breathe In  + full Diaphragm Breathe Out.  Repeat this set Four (4) times.

  1. Some will refer this Step 1 as Mindfulness Meditation (passive monitoring your inner presence).  The Rapid breathing help to bring your wondering mind ie your conscious awareness to present moment.  
    This has added physical benefit of increasing blood oxygen to fight Covid 19.  
  2. The 1+ minute Hold is very useful & important as it will help to kick start your mind log-in to Body Breathing of Qi which is accompanied with sporatic itch, tingling feeling, pulsation or ball of warm plus tension in your head & forehead  (3rd eye).  By looking inward with 3rd year your logging-in is easier.
  3. The deep diaphragm breathe in and out (1.3 & 1.4 table below) is another opportunity to practise your body breathing as in Breath Hold.  If any moment you feel tension in your body eg in your head; try to fully relax.  Moving your focus Qi in circular manner especially to your legs will help to remove tension.

II  Here you must be void of thoughts, let your mind log-in to feel & follow the Body Breathing Movement with focus at DanTian 丹田.  The revolving Qi presence in your body can be accompanied with sporadic body itch, ball of warm and swelling feeling.  Chanting "Om" or keeping a claim & peaceful mind & body by chanting 平心静身静气 will help to.
This some describe as Transcendental Meditation (transcend mindfulness ie passively follow your inner self using any mantra).

Following are brain conditioning actons you can do to further calm yourself & be void to unite with the Universe.  In Step I, the 4 sets of 1-3 part hypoxia exercise, 'Hold, Deep In and Deep out ' will already calm you. 

  1. Tell your heart to slow down and body to be calm 平心静身静气.
  2. Relax your breathing to shallow with very slow exhalation 气. 
  3. Mentally repeat Chinese phrase that underline human on values eg 天时地利人

Finally be with yourself , void of thoughts while gently follow & looking inside your calm Body Breathing ...  enjoy Nirvana.

  • Be aware that you are doing Body Breathing when your Mind is Void and Body is calm 平心静身静气
  • Lung Breathing at Nirvana state is relax, induced/unconsious with slow exhalation all the time.
  • Feel & Flow the Qi flow going round your meridian 小大周天 during this phase.  You can Will to move the Qi too, this is called Work Out 练功.  

Persistence & Regularity = Success .. your karma to succeed!

Need Help ►∞ Click to email Email us

        Table Summary of Step I & II

 Step  Process  Main Objective  Notes
 1.1 Rapid 50 x Breathing In1+ sec Outblow  Help avoid mind wondering   ↑ Oxygen % Benefit: Strenghten lungs ↑ O2
 1.2 Hold Breath: 1+ min
Tip: Feel & follow body breathing movement to extend hold
To induce Hypoxia (lack of O2) for epigenome function to reverse aging Swallowing saliva slowly & feel the Body Breathing inside from top to the feet; this will extend Hold
 1.3 Breathe In Deep for as long as comfortable while feeling Diaphragm fully down:  Again induce Hypoxia as you feel diaphragm move down.  Look inside to relax any tension to extend this deep breathing. This is also good opportunity to practise to learn Deep Body Breathing by Feeling the Qi flow inside from head to toes ie round circles.
If you feel tension eg in head, relax by moving your focus towards the legs.
  1.4 Exhale very slowly & Fully while feeling Diaphragm fully Up  Again induce Hypoxia as Diaphragm move up fully.  You will feel the tension in your head when diaphragm is near fully up, look inside, feel & relax the tension
1.E Repeat 1.1 ~ 1.4 Four (4) times ie Total 4 x (50R +1H + 1In + 1Out)  

a. Tell your heart to slow down and body to be calm 平心静身静气.

b. Relax your breathing to shallow with very slow exhalation 气. 

c. Mentally repeat Chinese phrase that underline human on values eg 天时地利人

These brain conditioning actions makes you feel relax in your breathing & unite with the Universe. Make the breathing out slower and longer than breathing in.

In Step I, the 4 sets of 1-3 part hypoxia exercise, 'Hold, Deep In and Deep out ' will already calm you
Transcendental meditation is a mind matter hence the right state of mind is the essence.

Final objective is to Log-In to your Mind & sync to gently follow revolving Qi all over your body = Nirvana. Body & Lung Breathing in Nirvana is relax shallow & unconcious. 
 2.2 Finally Log-In Mind  & Sync to Follow Qi in the Body Breathing. Log In gently, slow down heart beat / pulsation and calm all senses 平心静身静气

hof  Click ► Rapid Breath In-Out increase blood Oxygen against Covid19      

Use this meditation way & kill 2 birds with one stone.

Questionair  Feel, Follow & See Inside at your Qi  元气

Understand Qi to reset your mind    平心 gives 静气

  1. What is Qi 元气?
  2. How to recognise/feel your Qi?
  • Consist of Blood, Lymphatic fluid & electrical Nerve impulses;  not just blood alone.  It is not the air we breathe into our lungs.
  • It moves through all the body from bone marrow, to body tissues, organs, in fact to all parts of our body
  • Yogist state that Qi flows through the meridian crossing acuputure points all over the body in circles 小大周天
  • Qi movement is Body Breathing is centered at DanTian 丹田 with diaphragm movement as the engine.
  • Qi manifest   1. at surface or skin level manifest as itch;    2. in the head your feel some tension that can move your ears    3. in your limbs you can feel its passage through it.
  • In the beginning you may feel some blockage in the Qi flow particularly at the head.  By being very calm & relax and more practice you can achieve a free flow as if the meridians are expanded.
  • It can be felt as tingling or swelling sensation, occasional itch, chill or twitch in our body.
  • Sweet saliva 玉液还丹  will form from time to time (slowly feel it flow down to your 丹田 .. a inch inside below naval.
  • It can be felt as a resistance or inner force in your body that go against the auto brain control on the need to breathe.  The resistance comes from the fact the Body breathing is linked from top of head to low torso.
  • It can feel you have a top to extremities (fingers & toes) linked tidal wave swelling & pulsating slowly in your whole body.
  • It can be also be felt as balloon filled with energy within your body, you feel light like feather.
  • You can also feel the Qi moving your ears and sinuses in your skull as it flow
  • Overall, you may think of it as flow of blood or energy that you can see within yourself as a source of light.

Log-In to your Qi to take over the auto brain control breathing to attain Nirvana.

Keysecret  Hypoxia (lack of O2) & Mind Log-In (Shift Lung to Body breathing)

  1. Holding Breath Secret
  2. Manifestation of Body Breathing

Importance in holding your breath   

  • Help to shift  Lung Breathing to Body or Qi Breathing.
  • It induce Hypoxia (key to anti Aging)
  • 3 instances of Breath Holding in step 1 Rapid Breathing: I.2, 1.3 & 1.4 in table above

 Significance of temporary Hypoxia (lack of oxygen in blood)

  •  key to efficient epigenome functions which In turn prevent shortening of telomere & maintain stem cells efficiency thus help to reverse aging

Manifestation of Body / Qi Breathing

  • It is accompanied with body sensation such as itch, twitch, tingling feeling, warm spot and some tension in your head.
  • Body breathing is best learn during the breath holding phase of Step I.
  • During breath holding extend the hold by transferring your focus to Qi flow in Body Breathing moving focus from the upper torso to lower and to your feet.. ignore your tension or need to breathe by being very relax & calm plus directing your attention to feel the body from upper torso to lower
  • Body Breathing can be controlled by diaphragm and your Will through calm focus inside you.
  • In Body Breathing we revert back to feotus breathing in a mother's womb without using the lungs.
  • If there is tension in your head or else where learn how to relax the whole being chanting 平心静身静气 (have a peaceful heart beat to calm body & breathing) or 天时 地利人和 (accept the time, place & people you are in)
  1. Premises for Step I & II
  2. Useful Insight
  1. Lie down with hands on your chest;  relax, you can also spread out your hands and legs.  Another way is to sit in any relax way, no special leg folding is required.   Just be calm & avoid thinking by focusing in breathing.
  2. Be aware of your organs, stay at each for a while: diaphragrm, lung, heart, liver, spleen, intestine.
  3. Focus your mind on your 丹田, feel the Body Breathing Qi pulsating, moving & flowing in your body.  Also place your tongue gently on your palate.
  4. You can focus on feeling your Body Breathing movement to get in know your Qi. 
  5. To blank you mind you can repeat 平心静身静气 or the mantra 'Om', the sound of the universe.
  6. Try to unite with the ever expanding universe; you may then see moving light in your head.
  • Qi is created by being queit & by gentle body breathing, this way air in lung is converted to Qi
  • Qi is moved by gentle small diaphragm movement aided with Will.  Breathing out, ie diaghragm moving up; together with Will, is more effective in pushing Qi around your body 
  • In order to be gentle and queit, think and be thankful to plants showing you their beautiful & colourful flowers.  In return you wish peace to all mankind.  Actually the Qi is YOU.
  • One of the manifestation of Qi flow is the flow in your head and the flow through your feet. 
    The Qi flow in your head is most significant especially near your ears because of the huge number of vessels serving our head. 
    On the other hand the flow through the feet is smooth.
  • With Qi present, your air breathing can be very little like animals durng winter hiberation
  • The ultimate state is a freely flowing Qi that you can Will to control. 
    Your free flowing Qi makes you feel you are very light that can float. 
    In this state you have clear all your meridian.
  • Whenever you breathe, always breathe out much slower than breathing in.  Also always look inside concious of all your inner organs.

A sister's experience after 5 weeks of 2 steps meditation.  Listen !

FAsked Questions  (progress & best practices for each step of  meditation)

Q1 What is the best way to start and do meditation?

  1. Lie down with hands on your chest;  relax, you can also spread out your hands and legs.  Another way is to sit in any relax way, no special leg folding is required. 
  2. As meditation is all about training the mind, the key is to have a peaceful mind to attain calm Qi 平心 get 静气 (Peaceful mind get calm Qi)Have the right humans values (定) to achieve peace.
  3. To have a peaceful mind avoid thinking by focusing on lung or body / diaphragm breathing.
  4. Be aware of your organs when you breathe, FEEL them: diaphragrm, lung, heart, liver, spleen, intestine.  Be aware of your heart beat will help.
  5. Focus your mind on your 丹田, feel the Qi pulsating, moving & flowing in your body.  Also place your tongue gently on your palate.
  6. To blank your mind you can repeat the mantra 'Om', the sound of the universe. Meditate on phrases such as 天时 地利人和 (no desire) or 平心静身静气 (peaceful mind calm body and calm Qi) will also calm your mind.
  7. You should look inside to see the moving light in your head sync with the universe; this will also calm your mind.

Q2 What is the importance of Holding Breathe and how to optimize its function?

  • The Hold induce Hypoxia stress creating efficient epigenome functions which In turn prevent shortening of telomere & maintain stem cells efficiency thus reversing aging,
  • During breath holding extend the hold by transferring your focus to Qi flow inside your body ie follow the sensation from the upper torso to the lower torso and to your feet.  Feel the focus moving will extend your breath hold.
  • As you look or focus inside, calm your senses, a sense of Qi Flow in Body Breathing will be evident.  This may be accompaned with sporatic itch, tingling feeling & some tension in your head
  • Point of tension of Qi Flow may be at your ears, sinuses, joints.  You best way is to follow the Qi or help it along with gentle diaphragm movement is to have a void mind  平心静身静气 (peaceful mind give calm body and calm Qi)
  • As you progress in the Transcendental Meditation all the tension will be replaced a calm & blissful Qi flow through your meridian.  Enjoy this blissful state state Buddhists call Nirvana 极乐世界
  • In essences, Meditition is in fact peaceful & calm Body Breathing of Qi

Q3 What will progressively happen during the 1+ minute breath hold in Step I Rapid Breathing?

  • The feeling of occasional itch & tingling is the first sign your Qi is moving, next is the feeling of swelling or pulsation of the body
  • When you are fully relax your following body breathing will extend the breath holding time.  It is Ok to only hold for less than a minutes especially the first Rapid Breathing.  With practice you can & will hold longer & longer.
  • When you hold your breath longer you feel more control over the Qi flow. 
  • Tips:  1. Rapid Breathing prepare a void mind   2 Feel & Feel to follow the Qi flow in Body Breathing extend Breath Hold
  • Best practice: Just Persist .. be patient and you will get there!

Q4 What will progressively happen during the Step II .. Nirvana 极乐世界

  • As you look or focus inside, you may feel sporatic itch, tingling feeling & body pulsation;  ultimately you feel a sense of continous Qi Flow in your body breathing .. thats YOU.
  • Point of tension of Qi Flow may be at your ears, sinuses, joints.  You best way is to follow the Qi or help it along is to calmy direct it with your mind from upper torso to the lower up to your legs and toes; these feeling of movement from upper to lower will release any tension of need to beathe.
  • As you progress in the Transcendental Meditation all the tension will be replaced a calm & blissful Qi flow.
  • Best practice: With a void mind follow the Body breathing Qi Flow; enjoy this blissful state state Buddhists call Nirvana 极乐世界.  You can chant the mantra "Om" and try to unite with the revolving & expanding universe to enjoy this state.

Q5 What are preliminary milestones showing your Qi is building up?

  • First milestone is feeling of sporatic itch & tingling when doing Rapid breathing
  • The 2nd is when you can hold your breath easily to 1+ minute

Q6 What are the ultimate milestones when you are in nirvana?

  • You are there when you can switch your lung breathing to Body breathing to direct the Qi to all parts of your body while your lung is breathing unconsiously, shallow and calm.
  • When you can feel the peace and bliss as the Qi flow calmly inside your body, you are there.  All this happen with a void mind watching your revolving inside light  四大皆空  (no desire for anything)

Q7 How to stop my mind from wondering? Why must you do Step I - Rapid Breathing?

  • The 4 x Rapid breathing takes about 20 minutes, this preoccupation should help to stop your mind wondering when you are proactive with a routine
  • Ignore the fear that your mind wonder, just concentrate on the routine & PERSIST!
  • Train to have a peaceful mind to attain calm Qi    平心 get 静气, peaceful mind get calm Qi.    Meditate on phrases such as 天时地利人和 (let things be without desire) will also calm your mind.
  • You can also try to look in yourself and focus attention from one organ to organ, again be proactive with a routine to stop wondering.
  • You must doing Rapid breathing going through the 3 hypoxia breathe hold (item 1.2 to 1.4) to tune your body to Body Breathing.  For beginner this a must else your mind can wonder.  Body Breathing is a state where your need for oxygen is reduced as in hiberation.  
  • Finally remember it need practise & time to reap lifetime reward ... and you are the sole benefactory of your own time & effort.

Q8 How can i use my Qi to improve my health?

  • By having a Qi flowing through the meridian for 30 to 60 minutes is the first step .. a great boost to your health.
  • Slowing down your whole system & FEEL your body is a great health tonic 平心静身静气 (peaceful mind give calm body & Qi)
  • I believe our body is built to repair itself like a lizard rebuilding a lost tail, by meditating, your system can do any repair job 修身
  • You enhance this by directing the focal point of your Qi to areas you want more attention.
    then use your will to hold the pulsating Qi at these points.
  • During the Rapid Breath: 1.2 Breath Hold, 1.3 Deep Diaphragm breathe In and 1.4 breathe Out (see table summary above) wherein Hypoxia tension is induced will Reverse Aging.

Q9 What is Nirvana 极乐世界? What is its ultimate outcome?

  • It is when you can be very calm and can transfer your lung breathing to body breathing with the feeling of Qi continous Flow calmly inside your body.
  • Your mind will be void, in a state without stress and demand. 四大皆空 (No desire)
  • Your mind can have thoughts of beautiful things arriving from time to time .. Be humble and thankful / kind (caring), make practising good values as your mission in life.
  • Your enlightened self will remain in this a peaceful everlasting happy state sync with the expanding & revolving universe.
  • What will be the ultimate happening in Nirvana?  Some believe the soul will be able to travel outside, this is the mystical part of the transcendent state.  The real physical happening is you suddenly feel your breathing becomes strong and its depth & frequency is controlled unconsciously. 

Q10 How to get to sleep fast

  • At the 入定 state while feeling the Qi wave of body breathing, focus on your 3rd eye or space between your eye browns.  
  • At this 3rd eye, relax by very slowly releasing your breath slowly ie breathe out; during the breathing out imagine you close up your 3rd eye
  • If you need to breathe in to relax further, use your diaphragm then repeat the breathe out process




Questions Q&A from Followers

Q1 Why my throat Itch in Rapid Breathing?

  1. When you are in mindful breathing, body fluid starts to flow. 
  2. Body fluid inclue salvia, sinus, throat mucus and internal secretions.
  3. When these fluid in any surface you can feel it eg mucus movement in your throat.
  4. If the mucous movement is in your throat it can be itchy.  Coughing will relieve the itch and also spit it out.

Q2 Why i can sometimes hold my breath but sometimes not?

  1. Firstly if you practise long enough you will improve the holding ie rewarded.
  2. The real secret to success if "Focus, Feel & Follow"  .. 3 F. as in the opening image of Meditation in the Opening Image. 
  3. Focus refers to the 3rd Eye to look inside your body & soul ie be Mindful
  4. Feel is an extension of Focus where you really feel the focus area of your body ie the area's sensation.  It can be a tingling, pulsating or itchy feeling
  5. Follow means to follow the sensation as the Qi moves round.  Qi tend to follow from the top of your head to your feet.  The more you can move your Qi to your lower body / feet you feel more to move into Body Breathing.

Q3 Should i just stop after doing the audio Rapid Breathing? ...

If you have persisted in Rapid Breathing with successful Breath Holding, IT IS SAD that you don't continue to Transcendental Meditation which is the main mission  . to enhance your Qi for self preservation & well being.  Rapid Breathing + Holding Breath is the just the door to TM.

  1. Your relaxed feeling at the succesful extented holding of breath at Rapid is actually a taste of Transcendent state.
  2. The first benefit of TM is the change of your inner self to be have true values in life.
  3. The ultimate benefit of TM is your be in unison with your Qi and sync with the revolving Universe which is but a part.  
  4. At this ultimate Nirvana State all the benefits of mediatation as stated above is with you. Click ►Benefits from Meditation


When you are able to queitly be mindful of your Qi moving in your body you are ready to do Transcendental Meditation.  Then you may hesitate to do it because you may find it boring;  it is far from the truth.  Having the right way, it is an enjoyment plus reaping all the benefit.  Here is the right way:

  • Look inside to feel & follow the Qi.  Your Qi is most evident in your head around the ears area.
  • Play soft & gentle orchestral music by arrangers such as Mantovani, Henry Manchini or Percy Faith. 
  • Listen to these fine music, tracking the musical phrases expressed by the musical instruments to accompany your flow of Qi.  The music will bring out your kind nature established by your hours of TM.

What should be the breathing method in TM?

  • As stated in this article, Lung Breathing in Nirvana is relax shallow & unconcious. 
  • When breathing in follow the Qi with the music.  Breathing out is just a complete relaxation & blank / void.


Q4 How to use 心平气和 & 3 F's in meditation?

  • After each rapid breathing 50 x In & Out, the 3 breath holding is actually mindful meditation.
  • During mindful meditation, use the 3 F's, Focus, Feel & Follow action.  What you feel is actually the flow of your Qi 气.  Through practice being calm, queit & relax you become mindful of the body.  
  • The right way to 'Follow' is to gently focus by looking inside your mind to sense any movement feeling which can be associated with light inside your head.
  • The gentle thinking of these words 心平气和 help you to calm your heart beat and queit down your Qi. This final state is the Nirvana or Transcendental Meditation which brings out the peaceful feeling associated with empathy, kindness .  At this state your brain will have gamma waves. 
  • With patient practice, daily two sessions of an hour at Nirvana pass very fast & peacefully.  You feel good and alert coming of it.

Q5 How to use music in meditation?

  • Pick some relaxing old music that can bring back good memories.  My favourite is the rendering by Mantovani or Perry Como.  They both live in an peaceful era which brings out the best in musicians ..  以和为贵  Peace is Precious.  Be thankful if you have been blessed to immerse in such music when you are young. 
  • When you mediate with this kind of music, try to gently anticipate and follow the flow of the musical harmony and the subtle tension  This will take you into the Nirvana state.  When you get out this medidation you feel good & alert.

Q6 How to use self awareness of your existence to meditate?

  • Mindfulness is about being aware of your inner self 活着一口气.  Your name that your parents give you or call you by is YOU!.
  • During meditation call yourself while being calm & peace  平 心 静 气  .. 心 平 气 和.  This lock in to your mindfulness the basic state of meditation.
  • By calling yourself, Focus inside, Feel all parts of your body in stages and Follow the feeling, the 3 F, you are getting into mindful meditation.
  • When you are at the 3 F process, keep a calm heart & peaceful slow breathing 平 心 静 气  .. 心 平 气 和. 
  • During this stage develop yourself to adopt the good values in life and practise associating with nice people 跟好凡人和仙人同在
  • After some time & with patient practice you will be aware & enjoy the gentle Qi 气 flow inside you;.  May be Happiness & Peace 乐 & 平 be with you always.


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