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Web Presence

Web Presence

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you130     Biz WebwebsitePresence ?     good /  bad

  you130  1.  Location / Contact  2. Service / Product   3. Biz Values

We help you to stand out as a Winner win 
with High & Growing Sales through your web websitepresence.

We will do a SWOT analysis of your biz swot 
so your customers know your strength as their biz partner.





  • Our business attitude is to build a longer term relationship with customers by going into their shoes.  
  • Unlike casual seller we constantly upgrade our knowledge of our product so that customer feels secure in dealing with us.
  • We also monitor your needs from your first contact with us so that we can truly serve your needs.  We take this mission to meet your needs very seriously.





We will fill up your box with Web Presence Goodies

  • Back by DIY background to support sales
  • Back by Technical or Scientific background to support sales
  • In Depth knowledge of Product to support sales
  • Fully awareness of Product Quality Control properties
  • Good Analytical Reasoning to address customers concerns. 

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Our service is based on a win-win / common prosperity concept so it will not cost much.  Contact us to get acquainted first. 
We recognise it is difficulty to make money in any business so we will keep your cost low < RM410/yr. 
You will be happy with our multi disciplined tailor fit tailor services suited for any biz. .. all at one stop.

What services we provide in our Web Design?

  1. Why a Web Site
  2. First Web Page Rank
  3. SWOT:Bonding with your customers
  4. Google Biz, FaceBook, Social Media Web Presence
  • Provide an idea of your products or services.
  • Inform the public the address of your enterprise with a google map of its exact location.
  • Provide a form with attachment to contact you
  • Project a logo for branding.

web A

We make sure your website Rank First on the First page on a browser search. 

Within days your website will appear in Google Search as a business location thus enable the public to find & know your business.

More Freebies

All Art Work is included free of charge.


Web B

All these are provided in this free service (only out of pocket paid to web host and domain registrar < RM410 per year) and more…

1 icon  We also provide an SWOT analysis of your business to stay ahead of others.

1 icon  We do a market analysis of your products and type of targets market sector so that you develop marketing plans to suit your sectors.

1 icon  We also look at your inner Values to resonate with like minded customers.

These 3 step analysis gives a clear idea of your mission ahead.


      Like us Be thrifty in your planning & execution

Web C

Our free services include

  • Creating Google Business so your business appears as link to Location
  • Create FaceBook linked to your Web Site as a Slider
  • Allow connection to other Social Media such as Twitter & Linkedin
  • Good number of web pages to tell the full story of your business.


Example of all these in one such popular website

Web D

caseStudy Kindergarten kinter WebSite Key TakeAways

moon Create a Brand identity image with a Logo

star Human values eg humility, empathy, patience to impress on young minds

moon Basic learning skills to acquire eg self & life time learning & HIgh Level Thinking Skills to encourage.

star Modern facilities and ambiance in kindergarten

moon Class & Age range Orientation

star Usual Contact details & Google Location &  channels

moon Enrolment Shout Outs and its process eg download of enrolment forms & payment QR code

star Periodic announcements















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caseStudy Motor Repair Shopcarshop WebSite Key TakeAways

moon  Create a Brand identity image with a Logo

star  Human values eg humility, caring to give a genuine repeated services

moon  Good supply linkage to keep costs of repairs reasonabily low

star  Effective facilities & equipement to do a fast & good job

moon  Usual Contact details & Google Location &  channels

star  Periodic announcements eg special promotions

Wake Up Call

Before jumping into a project, do a necessary due diligence analysis.  It will protect you against losses/bankruptcy  while open up areas of opportunity.  Remember many projects failed.
With the following evaluations we then have a realistic Feasibility Report that can convince skeptical investors to risk their money to join you.

  1. Economic Evaluation including a Cash Flow with sensitivity analysis.
  2. SWOT Evaluation of yourself, your collaborators and your competitors stretch out in time of changing environment & contingences.
  3. Strategic Evaluation of all factors and determines the life cycle of the project and its success.  Place greater emphasis on human factor, environmental factors and limited resources like working capital. 天时地利人和






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19 August 2020



Bosses' Worries

  • Cash Flow, AP/AR Aging, CBT
  • SST/GST Accounting & Returns
  • Salary/Daily Workers Accounts
  • Tax Estimation CP204/500
  • Operation/Project: Gross Profit%
  • Staffing / HR Turnover Problems
  • Legal Deadline, Comply & Fines
  • Government Audit (Tax/GST/SST)
  • Operation Control (HR/Reports)
  • Future of your Business . SWOT

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Sep 2020: This is exactly 3 years since this website is first launched.  We rebuild this to reflect our new experiences, knowledge and outlook. As always, let us know if there are mistakes.

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