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Get Started to Use Free Accounting App (full featured with SST)

You can quickly start using the Accounting App after installation.  You learn all about accounting from the extensive Help (F1) that comes with the App.

The sample "My 平心 Easy Company" that comes with the App can also help you.  You must have a Hands-On handonProject, use this sample Ac to learn. Enjoy!

The 4 sections I, IIA, IIB & III here outline the accounting processes in the 3 modules: Admin, Core Over View & Reports. 
It contain App sample images that can slide 1-by-1 or click by picture; they can help you reduce slope of your learning curve.



Getting Around the 3 modules in Acc App

When you log in with password to the Acc App, the following "Core Overview" where Transactions are entered will appear.  The form's top border shows where the transactions data of the company is stored eg D:\BZ00.

From here you can get to Admin module by clicking  admin button.  In the Admin module you do all the set ups.

You can also click reports to print or view the extensive reports to help you manage your business. 

Core Over View is explained in Section II below.

   I.  Set Up  Admin module  More setup such as Project Tags.for Internal Control

  1. Set up the 1st 24 months Accounting Periods

App on first use will prompt you to first set any date of your first month.  It will then create 24 Ac Period eg 171 to 18C ie Jan 2017 to Dec 2018. This is done from manage.

  1. Review the Items (Qty) necessary to enter AP/ AR Invoices

In entering AP / AR Invoices batches, Items must be used.  Selecting a properly initialized Item will auto Dr Ac and bring in the Unit.

  1. Review the Chart of Accounts necessary to keep the Accounting Records to have meaningful financial reports.

Toggle to show "Headings together with Details" to control the codings according to the intended classification.  Make full use of the filtering options to help you to fine tune the Chart. 

Also with this module you can enter the opening balances of Accounts including AP / AR AP AR if you are continuing from a c/f balances.

  1. Understanding of special Class in Chart of Ac is essential. Class

The special class involved are

  • Fixed Asset: 20#A~Z1/9 5 digits sub class to Headings - Costs 0 / Depreciation 9
  • Cash / Bank: 360A~Z & 370A~Z  4 digits
  • Stock: 39## 4 digits - No changes or deletion allowed.  Stock is treated as Bal Sheet.



   IIA.  Transactions Entry Core Over View moduleonce entered, smartly check entries see F1 App Help = job done.

  1. Open new batches for each month - 15 type for Accounts, 1 Stock Adjust & 4 Non Ac. 
    They are structured to help staff without Ac knowledge.  Help in the App will explain all the batches in details.
  • App is SST & GST enabled.


  • Each month must be set to SST or GST or Nil  (default)SST
  • Transactions dates is decided by Year-Month YrM of each batch. Confusion of transactions dates are avoided.
  • Reference # are based on the type of batches eg PIN98001 Purchase Inv Non-Trade YrM 98
  • Entry must be smartly check (Rubbish In, Rubbish Out)


  1. AP / AR Invoices, Debit / Credit Note. 
    Item / Unit of Measure is necessary here; GST / SST also required.
  • Use of main & sub form:
    Items, GST/SST are entered in the sub form
  • With Items. Reports for Stock Control becomes availaible.
  1. Ac+ Add On have 4 Batch Types for Petty Transactions; goto Ac+ via button Ac+1
    Entries +import from within Ac are grouped to reduce data clutter in GL.

This Ac+ Add-on allow separation front end work from actual accounting at BackEnd.

  • Bank Book (no grouping): BankMov 
  • Petty Cash Reimburse CashReImb
    or depreciated PC Book: CashMov
  • Petty Sales:  Petty Sales
  • Petty Journal Entries:  Journal.Petty

Bank Book BankMov in Ac+ add-on is preferred over direct Ac because

  • Control Bank with its Daily Balances (+ OverDraft useable balance)
  • Easy Auto Bank Reconcilation print outs

It is better to use Petty Cash Rembursment in Ac+ Add-On (ü Internal Control)

  • Details can summarized or group to reduce entries in Gen Ledger
  • Easy internal control: Petty Cash amount is not floating as in PC-Book..

Petty Sales & Journal are for Front Operation with huge petty events eg Cafe.

  • They are handled first in Ac+ then grouped as @## when +import 
  • For audit tracking, print out from Ac+ are kept to support the GL entries
  1. +import from within Ac from Ac+  
    Each related Ac batch has a + button to do the importation from Ac+

Batch Type relating to Ac+ include

  • BankRec, BankPay:  Bank Book
  • CashMov: Petty Cash ReImburse or PC-Book
  • AR-Inv & Journal-Multiple: Petty Sales & Petty Journal 



   IIB.  GL Review & AP/AR Set Off Core Over View module 

  1. Review GL entries to each GL Ac for Period From~To YrM   CoreMenu


By selecting the menu option you can view directly the entries to each GL Ac.

  • View allow direct access to the entry Batch for editing 
  1. Set Off Open Item AP Creditor / AR Customer for Aging Control
  • Comprehenisve Statement within is very handy for Aging Control.

Set Off knock off Features include

  • Easy auto set off based on time stamp of entries instead of doing from the Payment entry
  • Historical Set Off can all be reversed and auto redo.
  • Print out easy Statement of each account: Invoice, Payment / Control & OverDue Balance
  • Statement can show either All entries in App or just the unsettled entries



   III.  Reports Report module 

Reports are extensive for many purposes:ReportMenu  

  • Acs Final + Monthly & Yearly Tending
  • Debtors / Creditors AR/AP, Aging etc
  • Gen Ledger Acs inc Tax Audit Listings
  • SST / GST Returns
  • Stock / Items Reports
  1. Final Accounts Reports: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & Profit Statement. 

Raw Material Closing Stock is not from the App directly as there is not Raw Mtl Issues being entered.  Estimate it based on the Purchase Stocks Report.

Final Acs are prepared for monthly reporting & for Auditing. 
This starts with entering the Closing Stock of Raw Material and Trading Stock if the operation involves stocks.
The Trading Closing Stock is availiable from the Stock Card Report.  
In Core Over View using "StkAdj" batch, stock can be adjusted & it will appear in Stk Card.

  1. Monthly & Yearly Trending of Final Ac Reports: These are useful for
  • Tax Planning 
  • Control of operation productivity and budget. 

Useful to check the Gross Profit Trend too.



  1. Audit & Tax Audit Listings (.pdf from App)
  • Every year Auditors require Final Ac 3 Report, Gen Ledger Listing & more.
  • Once within 7 years, LHDN will require long list of Reports for Tax Audit. 

For Tax Audit all documents and report must be kept for at least 7 years.  The list will cover a number of years in the 7 years span

  • Final Acs Report: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & Profit Statements 
  • General Ledger Listing especially relating to Purchase & Sales tied to AP/AR Acs
  • Aging List of AP / AR Acs
  1. Various Other Reports
  • AP / AR: Statement, Aging
  • GST 03 / SST 02 Return Listings

There are many reports to meet Management Objectives & Legislation Requirements

  • Credit Control & Internal Control
  • GST / SST Legislation Support
  • Stock Control Reports



editLearn Fast & Easy KeyBoard Editing of msOffice database.


Database App is far superior to Excel eg Drop Down selection.dropdown F4 or Alt+Down

Data Entry into forms of App is best done only with KeyBoard (10 fingers vs 1 finger mouse).

App comes with useful portable tool boxes such as T'Combi that is handy for all your editing chores. 

How to explore the sample "My 平心 Easy Company"

F! for Help:  Extensive including a background to understand basic accounting 

  1. From the Report module, review the Final Acs Reports for 1st, 2nd & 3rd month: Trial Balance, Profit Statement & Balance Sheet.  Take note of the Closing Stock in the 3 reports and look at "End Stock" option to see how the Closing Stocks are entered for each month.
  2. Next review the Transaction Entries in the various batches at the Core Over View to see how they end up in these reports. Take note of Transaction Types:  tranType


  1. Also in the Core Over View review the i) Ledger View ii) SetOff for AcPay & AcRec.
  2. Back at the Report module, review the Ledger for BS, PnL, to track the entries to the Transaction Batches in the Core Over View.
  3. Still at Report module, review the Trending reports: Yearly Acs & Monthly Acs.  This is useful for Tax Planning & Operation Control.
  4. Next open the Ac+ Add On to review the Bank & Cash entries and see how they are imported to the Main Ac.
  5. Finally go to the Admin module and see the i) Item Set Up ii) Debtors & Creditors creation iii) the Chart of Account (note: Fixed Assets, the Class, how the opening balances can be entered)
Lesson in Stock System Coding of Items
  • Code, (preferably fixed length) is in 3 parts, the Main Group, Sub Group & Misc Part.
  • The Main & Sub Group code use Alphabets as it is meant to have meaning.
  • Groups use unique listing enables drop down selection (avoiding arbitrary coding).
  • Groups can have two factors combined into one eg Make & Model number
  • Sub Group must have a code for Blank using ~.
  • The last Misc part (max 3 digits) use numeric code for varying details (too many, alphabets useless).
    • Two Sub Groups under the Main Group can be used (not preferred), if so the final code is in 4 parts.
    • Use of numbers is necessary in Main or Sub group if many variations as a group exist. Alternatively use the next alphabet eg M, next use N & so on.


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02 January 2021



Bosses' Worries

  • Cash Flow, AP/AR Aging, CBT
  • SST/GST Accounting & Returns
  • Salary/Daily Workers Accounts
  • Tax Estimation CP204/500
  • Operation/Project: Gross Profit%
  • Staffing / HR Turnover Problems
  • Legal Deadline, Comply & Fines
  • Government Audit (Tax/GST/SST)
  • Operation Control (HR/Reports)
  • Future of your Business . SWOT

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