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Corporate Analysis

Corporate Analysis

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Critical Corporate Analysis:  build Practical Solutions to stay alive

Topmost Business Resouces control

  • Human Resources Policy to ensure selection of optimal management team
    Right personnel
    welcome effective management info parameter centric system to help them discharge their accountability.
  • Corporate Governance Mission on all critical parameters thus defining hierarchy of Corporate Objectives. 
    This then become the yardstick to control by an integrated light information system to get HR Objective Accountability.
  • One topmost objectives is what is your Tax  Objective?  Most companies aims to plan it so that to suit its Cash Flow.  However it must be tailored made to suit the nature of the operation.
  • Through this analysis Shareholders can meaningfully track the progress of the operation on a regular basis.
  • Shareholders then have better understanding of the nature of the business to work together to maximize profit and life.

Product Attributes

  • Product life cycle analysis to maintain long corporate life.  This include building integration & strategic partnership.
  • Costs structure analysis to aid in control and highlight waste prevention & pilferage

Operation Related

  • Process Analysis using i) material quantity balance, ii) energy balance, ii) process time & quantity monitoring; finally defining the points of control for effective operation.   There must be a production log reporting of timestamp and quantities.
    Note: Business Report on the Process still need a Process Analysis to control operation. timestpweighing
  • Semi automatic material handling analysis to optmally balancing HR resouces needs
  • Equipment wear & tear analysis to reduce breakdown with scheduled preventive maintenance

Connectivity & Supply Chain related

  • Logistics analysis of all material movement to minimize time, costs & all negative impact
  • Supply chain analysis to expose weakness & reinforce strength plus developing strategic partnership

Environment & Tax Related

  • Environment risk analysis to minimize liability
  • Tax risk analysis as part of the outflow click ►read Tax Audit





What are some of the multidisciplnary solution's objects / results that will come out of this Analysis?

  • Definition of HR team human values such as accountabity to be fully aware of corporate objectives they have committed to.
  • Develop the Top down Objectives to reach the mission of the enterprise.
  • Identify the Process Material Balance equation to manage & control to ensure high productivity
  • An Control Information System using a Chart of Accounts built on Responsible accounting.  In house system can be customized, reprogramed or just new.
  • A Sensitivity Analysis of the Costs structure of the Process & its products.
  • Daily Production activity report that help to track process control & inventory
  • Yearly Cash Flow Forecast to ensure solvency
  • Monthly Financial Report to understand enterprise financial health

Essential Changes & Improvements

  • What process changes to ensure high productivity eg Semi automation
  • Process equipment analysis to create the Preventive Maintenance Program.  Start off with its review to ensure high Productivity.
  • What process changes to improve quality of product to meet new markets
  • Other optimization review to stay efficient eg Marginal & Fixed Costs, Wastage, Pilferage, Energy, Logistics
  • What business tie up to secure a stable source of raw material
  • Establish marketing plan including expanding product range + by-products to stablize the business (Pink Kaolin Circle website)
  • What Tax Planning can be done to face LHDN's 7 yearly Tax Audit


Effective Production Record 

Examples of Production Log record to really control processing in Kaolin Plant see below.  Take note that for a 1,000 tonne per month feed material, it is not a small tonnage of 40.



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29 January 2022



Bosses' Worries

  • Cash Flow, AP/AR Aging, CBT
  • SST/GST Accounting & Returns
  • Salary/Daily Workers Accounts
  • Tax Estimation CP204/500
  • Operation/Project: Gross Profit%
  • Staffing / HR Turnover Problems
  • Legal Deadline, Comply & Fines
  • Government Audit (Tax/GST/SST)
  • Operation Control (HR/Reports)
  • Future of your Business . SWOT

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