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Multi purpose Ac.Combi Pack

Multi purpose Ac.Combi Pack

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A Case for lnkicon Management via Accounts

All business must self Control HR, Cash, Bank & Credit . Asset / Liability efficiently 
These jobs can't be passed over to outside Srv Provider as Acc chores, it is your business core.


We will remote 1:1 support owners with tailored made tailorcombi framework to accomplish these essential jobs efficiently (fast & easy)
using lnkicon Best Practices.


Our lnkicon Forte blueD is in Management & is in 4 BlueD ways

Our package consisting of 4 parts (not just a Program of doing Accounts for Taxation)

  1. Fast Implemention Strategy FrameWork of 6 Nodes including Cut Off Point  strategycutoff
  2. Step by step Training of Boss to instal Program and become an Senior Accounts Clerk.
  3. Customized System to meet Management Objectives eg Tracking.  The supporting system is built on lnkicon Best Practices
  4. Always supported by a Duplicate Accounting System at Off-Site & On-Site that the Boss relies on to manage On-Site Operation.
    A duplicate account data is a huge security & accuracy boon wherein more then one person interacts with the records.
    In fact any of customized App we built eg Kindergarten Pupil data & fee database is also duplicated for the same purposes.

Questions  Q&A     How is our Accounting Support unique & superior?

Qα Why Owners must be in charge of Accounting?

  • Cash Flow & Profitability is the heart of a business, Accounts deal with them.  
  • Thus no delegation of these duties allowed for survival. The question is "How to make it easy for the owners?"
  • It is wrong to treat Accounts as "Tax or Book Keeping Issue".  The truth is "Boss should know & take control"
  • Moreover only owners knows the “In & Outs” 来龙去脉

Qβ Why must it be a Package solution?

  • As business covers all matters, one generic program is not sufficient.
  • As data security is most important, duplicate support is important.
  • As it is a professional job, proper support with 1:1 communication is important.

Q1 How True & Fair View Accounts is Assured?

  • Chart of Accounts is designed & controlled by support experts to suit business.  The design is based on Marginal Costs & Responsible / Action Accounting focus concepts.
  • Owner &/or his designate enter Core transactions such as Bank, Cash, Ac Receiveable from documents and will be done in an error mitigatied & efficient process.  The documents will be properly filed for Tax Audit tracking 
  • Organisation at site including Owner will be reviewed in terms of their ability and suitability to to do the core transaactions.
  • All accounting records are auto duplicated & interchanged at off/on-site to ensure they are monitored by support 
  • Owner &/or his designate will be trained to use on-site Accounts reports to review its business eg monthly trending marginal costs, Aging list, Bank record in system

Q2 Do I need any training to use the Ac Apps?

  • No accounting knowledge is required to use our App, all you need is continously follow the simple work step by step using Duplicate Accounts at your PC to leap frog; just be patient & you will soon understand all aspect of accounting due to your in-depth involvement. 
  • The Support Retirees will set up the system based on the nature of your business, you just follow to leap frog from experts. 
  • A important set up is to define the Chart of Accounts to suit to your type of business.  The Chart will be built based on Marginal Costs Accounting & clear understanding of Balance Sheet items.
  • Note:  all transactions are classified into predefined batches, you just leap froging from the duplicate Accounts in your PC set up by the Support Group.
  • From the Ledger View you can see how various types of transactions are Yr-Mth batched and keyed into system to appear in the Gen Ledger.
  • Through your involvement in monthly preparation of Accounts and by fine tuning & guidance from support suppervision you be trained to become a Senior Accounts personnel.
  • You can also get 1:1 consultation on any questions that you may have.

Q3 Will I be able to install all Apps independently & why?

  • You will guided to follow the Installation App to install all necessary Apps in your PC.
    This process will make you become IT savvy.
  • By doing program installation on your own you will learn where all the database & objects are kept in your PC. 
    You will also recognise the open architecture relating to the BackUp faclilities in your PC.
  • You will be first acting as a Junior Accounts clerk under the Support Staff.
  • You will be using free Cloud resources to communicate between Support & you.
  • With this structure you will learn to be more independent with a set of First Aid tools to solve urgent issues. 
  • Of course the 1:1 help is availiable within 24 hours at the latest, even the F1-Help within the App is reminder of what you learnt in the whole process.

Q4 Will I be able to access all Reports & understand them?

  • You will be guided by the list of carefully laid out reports from the system eg Monthly or Yearly Performance Trending by Marginal Costs.
  • Our Support will help you get started with the reports from the system as you go deeper into financial management.  Our support will help you along to understand the purpose of each report.
  • To really understand reports one must learn to understand the objective of doing accounts.  In the F1-Help the objectives are addressed.

Q5 Will I be able to do Final Accounts eg Closing Stock and deal with Auditors?

  • As the whole Accounts is in your PC and you are part of the team to do Accounts, you will participate to produce Final Accounts, both monthly & yearly.
  • Once you can do monthly Accounts and make periodic comparision, you are already in the preparation of Final Accounts.
  • Of course,the Support Staff will kick start the monthly process and track your progress until we are sure you can do it.  In fact by the reports you yourself can see your own mistakes as we lead you up the learning ladder.
  • As you progress in your work & with our 1:1 Support you can deal with Auditors.  This start with printing the Gen Ledger listing for them to audit.
  • Thus our unique support way can also train any fresh staff.
  • In the Final Accounts you will see the effect of Closing Stock, Accurals & Prepayments on your bottom line.

Q6 Will I become a Senior Account Clerk able to manage Financial matters?

  • The App covers all aspect of accounting.  For example our special Add-On on Fixed Asset Registry and Depreciation will teach you a part of Accounting which is important.
  • Reports are classified to assist you to understand your Accounts eg Report listing transactions by batches which is meant to be printed for Auditors to audit your Sdn Bhd Accounts.

Q7 How does the Support ensure I have no HR turnover problem?

  • As the owner is involved with all aspect of Accounting; from Program Installaton, Data Entry & doing Final Accounts in your own PC, you can manage your Accounting staff if any thus free of HR issues.
  • In reality with the accounts being simplied by our system and with us as your support staff you don't really need accounts staff, thus keeping your HR costs down.

Q8 How do i protect myself against Tax Audit problems?

  • As you are fully involved in entering data you can see where your keep the documents you used to do the entry & if they can stand up to LHDN queries.
  • Due to the Duplicate Account in your PC and your involvement in doing it, you will fully know your accounts to face LHDN; Duplicate Accounts at On/Off-site will add to your confidence.
  • You will also know how to print out the ledger to answer LHDN.  
  • Of course our Support will give 1:1 consultation for you to face LHDN with confidence.

Q9 How do I use the App to manage Credit Control & Debtors Accounts disputes?

  • Our support plan will simplify the Debtors transaction entries by pre-defining payment terms and using drop down itemization.
  • With the sales transaction smartly entered, all the Credit Control reports in the App will help you to manage your Credit Control.  These reports include Aging List, Statements and a clear track record of your dealings with your debtors.
  • You will soon appreciate that Credit Control is a key part of Accountings; not just determining profit or bottom line.

Q10 How do I use the App to access my survival ability & improve my profitability?

  • Through the various report especially the monthly / yearly marginal costing trending you will know what & where to control to bring your performance on par..
  • The periodic trending Balance Sheet report will highlight the state of your liquidity ie  where your money is tied up thus enabling you to meet the objective to operate leanly & efficiently
  • You can also use these track record report to seek financial support from banks.
  • We also provide SWOT Analysis and Web Building Service to enhance your business life.

Q11 Do I have to buy the App & what about updates?

  • As part of our life-time off-site support by retirees, all Apps come together as a evolving package. 
  • Thus all Apps updates are part of the deal as the business evolved.

Q12 Will I get PayRoll App to manage HR legislations requirement?

  • Our support objective is to cover all aspect of business Admin hence we will provide whatever necessary for owners to do a complete job.  Since all business have HR, thus need to satisfy HR legislation, we provide PayRoll for daily rated or monthly rated staff with auto calculation of all deductables such as PAYE, etc.
  • We at off-site can do payroll at off-site, owners need only feed us the exception data changes by using a smart Excel with drop downs.
  • If you have a very large employee base you can do it on your own PC at site, once we start you off.  We will also maintain a copy of the payroll off-site for extra security even though the Payroll already has built-in Backup (not on pendrive but in the other hard disk partition).
  • You can should be able to learn the legislative requirement from the data entry form & the reports; F1-Help in details will also help you.
  • We will provide 1:1 support over the finer points of this job.

Q13 Will I get a Fixed Asset / Depreciation App integrated to Gen Ledger?

  • If you have fixed assets in your Gen Ledger, we will provide an unique add-on App that seamlessly link to the GL.
  • The App will calculate yearly Depreciation, Capital Allowance and will keep a track record during the life-time of your business.  
  • It is again a secured data mine following the same principless in our support.
  • We will provide 1:1 support to understand the significance of Depreciatiion & Tax Computation.

Q14 What about other Apps to have a comphrensive & complete system?

  • As we pledge to provide a full comprehensive system and as we are i) programmer  ii) database builder  iii) qualified accounting expert; we can build any system based on our support concepts in this website.
  • Come let us help you and be your partner for life.   We believe in building your business so that we may share a little of your cake.  We definitely will not burden the goose that just starting to learn how to lay eggs.

AcClerkRun1 icon No more staff running away problem  ..  Off-site retiree support 

cando2 icon No more poor ability on-site clerk (just basic educatiion, basic ability to use PC)  ..  practical structured On-site Apps plus Off-site supervision & training by our support

Obj2ok3 icon High productivity work as staff is trained to be fully aware of key operation parameters & use it in Apps to manage ...   customized on-site App.

cutcost4 icon Low HR & System costs as IT in-house customized support facilties will reduce HR  requirement & reduce wasteful costs .. using Data Mining disciplines.

timecost5 icon All Admin job done efficiency in Time, no delay ..   working as a Team with off-site Support & best practices.

hero6 icon Stable, Easy, Fast & 2date Accounts with Owner as active Team member.    No more typical accounting woes!

hero6 icon Confident to face LHDN Tax Audit .. full understanding of the biz through involvement with preparation of lnkicon Management Accounts.

lnkicon Email Us   

Call or WhatsApp our numbers above

Our service package is based on a win-win / common prosperity concept so it will not cost much.  Contact us to get acquainted first. 
We recognise it is very difficulty to make money in any business so we thus endeavor to keep your cost low. 
You will be happy with our full range of multi disciplined services suited for any small biz.

What 6 objects in our Pack help to solve Ac.Admin job for life

Click on images to expand to full size wherein you slide 1-by-1 by using its navigation bar. 
We hope this will help you to better understand our six objects to do accounts on-site with a Duplicate set of Accounting books off-site.

Best Practices used to optimize on-site untrained staff admin operation?

Following principle:  "All business must self Control HR, Cash, Bank & Credit . Asset / Liability"  
We create following framework.  This ensures what you must do at front on-site forms a part of the whole management

  • Review all methods used by owner at Front on-site to simpliy with no work duplication to form input to the Accounts App to come.
  • Cash Control by Imprest Reimbursement System to document cash expenditure as input for Accounting
  • Extensive use of Smart Excel with Drop down to control data input.
  • Use of Sub Totalling of Excel for Fast Errors Checking if Excel is being used.
  • Use Smart Excel to control invoicing eg Performa Invoice of Down Payment and Final Invoice to close the Sales transaction to collect the Unpaid Balance.
  • Finally migrate from Smart Excel to Ac+ App as seamless input to Accounts.

Our Package covers All ... not Cloud or Others
Beware of new attractive buzz word .cloud: go deep to see what it covers 

Our Package Speciality is our focus on your Ac Education  eduTlBox
Through our 1:1 support, User learn to interpret Accounts like a true Senior Accounts personnel

  • Know the entries, its documents & reports to support your transactions answer the Tax Audit
  • Due to predefined transaction batches & Year-Month, User will fully understand how Accounts entries are structured and charged or posted to Chart of Accounts
  • Know what data are entered thus appreciate the reports for Credit Control & Cash Flow
  • Profitability & Life Sustainability through our report focus on Marginal Costs, Gross Profit & Break Even with monthly & yearly Trending
  • You will have full control over all reports including Customized Report for specific Credit Control
  • You will do Final Accounts eg Closing Stock and thus is able to understand Balance Sheet / Solvency View.

crossout CommoncrossoutWays   crossoutonly Excel   crossoutonly One App  crossoutunsupervised Clerk   crossoutAc=Farmout Tax job

Our Tailor made tailor retiree supervised DBase Pack @ on-site plus off-site is rightgood 

The principles in use in our App Pack are 

  1. On-site Leapfrog learning ensure learning in necessary multidisciplinary fronts
  2. Data Security is ensured due to dbase duplication, intertransfer  & autobackup.
  3. Error checking is ensured by off-site support through duplicate database interchange.
  4. Scope of work is extensive to instill accountability on all fronts
  5. Financial understanding & accountability including Tax Planning is ensured with owner's particiption in Management Accounts preparation
  6. With extended off-site support 4 directions co-ordination is ensured
  7. Business & functionality continuity is ensured by being involved in all aspects of the operation & accounts forming the basis of a long business life cycle.
  8. Low HR costs is ensured through automation and retiree control of financial operation.

Our unique way is in all our Custom Made tailorApp eg Kindergarten pupil,  Logistic,  Hotel & Acc DBase

 Getting the life time benefits with our Off-Site Support in 14 points

Starting up 1~ 7 

  1. Using tailored made tailor Excel to meet objectives  (commonly used by many students) by smart recording Front End transactions. This become the input to the Accounting system at Off Site / Back End.
  2. Next we will migrate from Excel to Account ++ App to further simply work at Front End.
  3. From these Front End data feedback, the Back End will complete the Account-Main.
  4. Doing Accounts will require understanding of the Chart of Accounts to Dr / Cr Accounts in the General Ledger which are divided into Profit Acs & Balance Sheet Acs.
  5. For e-Filing of Tax, there is need to understand of meaning of "wholly for making profit" when doing Tax computation.
  6. A copy of the Account-Main will be installed in the Front Office to allow Management to use its customized reports to manage effectively.
  7. Trending reports (monthly or yearly) are designed to help management to control effectively.

Management Training of Owner   8 ~ 14

  1. Owners are encouraged to participat ine fully in the data entry process.  From the process they are able to track transactions are filed documents.
  2. Owners participate fully in meeting legislative compliance to avoid fines due to missing deadlines or not complying with legislations.
  3. As the volume of work increase due to expansion of business, Owners will participate in employment of HR to fill the organisation requirements.
  4. Using the data stored in the Apps, Owners are encouraged to plan their operation focusing on Responsibility Accounting and establshing Objectives and Yardstick to control.
  5. Owners are encouraged to appreciate the Final Accounts particularly the Balance Sheet statement which will show the solvency of their business.
  6. Owners are encouraged to know their Track Record to understand the Business Life cycle of their business to consider gettitng more effective Funding from Financial Institutions.
  7. Owners will be encouraged to understand the meaning ot "Holes in the Drawers" as part of the Internal Control process.  Using Imprest system in Petty Cash management is another aspect of Internal Control.

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17 August 2022



Bosses' Worries

  • Cash Flow, AP/AR Aging, CBT
  • SST/GST Accounting & Returns
  • Salary/Daily Workers Accounts
  • Tax Estimation CP204/500
  • Operation/Project: Gross Profit%
  • Staffing / HR Turnover Problems
  • Legal Deadline, Comply & Fines
  • Government Audit (Tax/GST/SST)
  • Operation Control (HR/Reports)
  • Future of your Business . SWOT

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